The company is a professional manufacturer barrel Screw key enterprises,the company is committed to:Conical twin screw,parallel twin-screw,single-screw
Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2000 Quality system certification for management,high-precision production equipment Advanced technology
Companies to comply with"the contract,keeping promises,"the purpose,always adhere to the quality of survival,integrity and development,alongside Albert
The company can provide customers with
on-site mapping,design,transformation
customization and many other services,and a variety of screw and barrel wear
Company news
Extruder 11 kinds of common faults 2015-05-05
Extruder common fault about eleven kinds, the following detailed description under which eleven kind
Injection molding machine screw cyl 2015-04-20
Injection molding machine screw cylinder barrel MaterialManufacturing barrel, the current domestic c
Rubber extruder screw and barrel ma 2015-03-08
Materials and processes Quality 38CrMoAL Quality duplex stainless steel Quality powder metallurgy ma
Extruder screw barrel technical ind 2014-12-28
Technical Specifications:Material selection of high-quality aluminum chromium molybdenum 38 (38CrMOA
Injection molding machine screw bar 2014-10-28
Routine maintenance cartridge1, the barrel of the screw does not reach pre-set temperature, do not s
Industry news
Injection molding machine screw sel 2016-01-03
Injection molding machine plasticizing screw has conveying, melting, mixing, compression, metering a
Screw plastic machinery in the pivo 2015-12-30
Screw injection molding machine is an important component, its role is to convey plastics, melting,
Injection molding machine screw, ba 2015-12-18
1, the injection molding machine screw, preferably a screw barrel, screw causes of damage① plastics
No reason why the injection molding 2015-12-15
Injection molding machine screw often occur during use small episode, as the screw fracture, then it
Jintang screw presses Industry Asso 2015-12-11
Dinghai Jintang screw presses Industry Association inaugural meeting was held in early December, the
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